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Welcome to the website of the Seaway Valley Snowmobile Association, a member of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.

SEAWAY VALLEY trails are located just north of Cornwall. Over 210 kilometres of groomed trails stretch from Cornwall to Casselman. Villages and towns located on the trail system include: Crysler, Berwick, Finch, Avonmore, Moose Creek, Gravel Hill, Monkland, Maxville, Apple Hill, Bonville, St. Andrews W, and Martintown. Connecting trail networks include Riverside, Eastern Ontario, Nation Valley and Glengarry trails.

               Seaway Valley Snowmobile Association Mission Statement

The Seaway Valley Snowmobile Association is dedicated, through volunteers, to promote a positive image of the Snowmobiling industry, to support and respect our Landowners rights and wishes, and to continue to provide Snowmobilers in the Seaway Valley a safe and rewarding experience.


                                                    Thank You


The SVSA would like to thank our LANDOWNERS for their gracious committment to allow our members continued use of their property. Our DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS for all their time and hardwork, and finally our MEMBERSHIP for BUYING WHERE YOU RIDE!


If anyone can spare a few hours to help with events or with trails, please contact



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A104 (feeder trail) For the SVSA trails, A104 starts in Applehill where it has left the Glengarry Club trails. It snakes it's way south west and meets up with Riverside trails at the bridge just west of Avonmore Road. 


A213 (feeder trail) For the SVSA trails, A213 starts in Casselman, runs east parallel to the 417 then turns south where it meets up with A104 in Moose Creek. 


TRAIL SV7 (club trail) Runs between Moose Creek and Maxville. Fuel and food available in Maxville. Food only in Moose Creek.


TRAIL SV10 (club trail) Runs just north of Lions Club in Bonville, goes east to meet SV12, just south of the Beagle Club. From there you can go either north or south, depending on which way you are travelling.


TRAIL SV12 (club trail) Starts just north of Pitt St. in Cornwall, goes north, where it meets the A104 and the A213 at Bender Road and Chapple Hill Road intersection  between Bonville and Monkland. Breakfast at Lions Club every Sunday morning in Bonville, no fuel. Food and fuel available in Monkland.


TRAIL SV16 (club trail) Starts west of HWY 138 just south of Warina, goes south west to Avonmore where it meets up with Riverside trails. Food available in Avenmore.


TRAIL SV17 (club trail) Branches of off trail SV12 south east of St. Andrews, goes west, over hyw. 138. From there if you turn right at the bottom of the hill you can get gas in St. Andrews. If you turn left at the bottom the hill, SV17 takes you to meet A104 just east of Avonmore Rd. Food and fuel available in St. Andrews.


TRAIL SV32 - (club trail) Runs north from A104 between Pigeon Hill Rd. and Angel Rd. and goes north to Maxville. Then goes to Hwy. 417 where the SVSA Trails ends and meets up with Eastern Ontario Snowmobile Club, just south of St. Isadore. Food and fuel available in Maxville.


TRAIL SV40 - (club trail) Runs south of County Rd. 18 at the end of Delaney Rd. then goes east on the Trans Canada Pipe , then north where it crosses County Rd. 18 again. Trail turns east to Martintown. In Martintown you can go south on Nine Mile Rd. Just out of the village the trail tuns east and meets up with Glengarry Snowmobile Club Trails to Williamstown. OR you have to follow the signs posted in Martintown, and pick up the trail on County Rd. 20 as you leave the village heading north towards Apple Hill. At the Apple Hill intersection you can get on the A104 that gets you to the Glengarry Snowmobile club, or you can get on the A104 that snakes it,s way through SVSA trails to meet up with Riverside Trails. Only food available in Martintown No gas.   


TRAIL SV42 - (club trail) Starts in Casselman and runs parallel to the 417 heading west where it turns south, towards Crysler. Intersection is located where you can meet up with Nation Valley Club Trails or you can go east to Moose Creek. Food and fuel available in Cassleman. 



Please stay off Rail bed in Apple Hill. CP Police will fine snowmobilers that trespass.


Please visit for updated trail conditions for all regions in Ontario.

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